Prizes on international competitions


- First prize on the international competition "The show Bellydance queen".
- First prize in the Latin Fusion category and third place in the Professional category at Layali Festival in Stockholm.

- "The World Drum Solo Beauty Queen", online competition judged by Suraiya Ibrahim, Sadie Marquardt, Aziza, Amir Sofi, Matias Hazrum and Yassir Jamal.
 3th place at the Professional Soloist, Live Drum Solo and Oriental Fusion category at Danish Open Bellydance.

- Paulina's Belly dance students showgrupp, Jannah, got the 2nd prize on the group category at Danish Open Bellydance.

- Got to be part of Bellydance Evolution's European tour in which she also won the People´s Choice Competition.




- 3 years dance education at Lunds Dans och Musikalgymnasium in Sweden.

Master classes

-Belly Dance

- Workshops with Diva Darina at Layali Festival in Stockholm.
- Workshops with Yulianna Voronina, Mahaila El Helwa, Jelila, Mohamed Kazafy and Dr. Mo Geddawi at  Egipto en Barcelona Festival.

- Workshops with David Abraham, Yasmina of Cairo, Guy Schalom and Sadie at Danish Open Bellydance.
- Workshops with Munique Neith, Simon Sako and Khader Ahmad at Sahel el-nour festival in Andalucia, Spain.
- Course in " Conscious teaching" with Marwa in Santiago, Chile.
- Workshops in different fusion styles with Surimay in Santiago, Chile.


- Workshops with Diva Darina and  Esmeralda Colabone at Danish Open Bellydance.
- Workshop with Katerina Shereen in London.
- Workshop and private classes with Sarah Malik in London.

 Workshops with Sadie Marquardt and Simon Soka during five days retreat in Switzerland.

- Performing with Live Band Skills course with Sabriye Tekbilek in Stockholm.
- Workshops with Marta Korzun in Malmö.


- Workshops with Khaled Mahmoud and Mercedes Nieto at Danish Open Festival in Köpenhamn.
- Suhaila Salimpour Nivå 1 certification by Sabriye Tekbilek in Stockholm.
- Workshops with Amir Thaleb, Anna Borisova, Randa Kamel, Aziza of Cairo, Elena Ramazanova, Ragaey Hussein and Tito at Raqs of Course Festival in Cairo, Egypt.
- Workshop with Jillina and Sharon Kihara in Tuzla, Bosnia.
- Workshop with Jillina in Prague.
- Folklore workshops with Lena Helt in Copenhagen.


- Class with Charlotte Desorgher at Danceworks in London.
- One week camp with Jillina Carlano and Lena Helt with 5-7 hours of classes every day in Stockholm Archipelago. 
- 3 Workshops with Marta Korzun in Malmö.
- 2 weeks courses with Macarena Palermo in Santiago, Chile.


- 3 Workshops with Jillina in Copenhagen, Denmark.
- 5 hours private class with Didem Kinali in Istambul, Turkey.


- Drumsolo workshop with Sharon Kihara in Malmö, Sweden.
- Courses in Egyptian styles and rytmologi with Macarena Palermo in Santiago, Chile
- Baladi and Drumsolo workshops with Seyyal in Santiago, Chile.


- Workshops with Tito Seif, Youssry Sheriff and Virginia at Stockholms Belly dance festival
- Workshops with Saida in Santiago, Chile.


- 4 months Master classes with Macarena Palermo in Santiago, Chile.


- 4 workshops with Suraiya.


- Workshops with Mahmoud Reda, Kahled Mahmoud, Nour, Magdy El Leisy, Zahra and Suraiya at Stockholms Belly Dance Festival.


- Classes with Denzil Bailey and Ian Knowles på Pineapple Studios i London.


- Classes with Denzil Bailey and Anna du Boisson at Danceworks in London, UK.
- Class with Adam Pudney, Michael Branwell and Kim Mendez at Pineapple Studio in London, UK.

- 6 lessons at Ballet Nacional de Cuba in Havana.
- 12 lessons at Asociación Arte y Cultura with Carlos Gacio from The Vienna Opera in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
- 8 lessons in La Academia with Ileana Farres, ex Cuban Ballet prima ballerina, in Santiago, Chile.

- 4 months training in La Academia with Gladys Acosta, ex Cuban Ballet prima ballerina, in Santiago, Chile.

- One year's training in La Academia with Gladys Acosta, ex Cuban Ballet prima ballerina, in Santiago, Chile.




- Bachata Workshops with Carlos Espinosa and Maria Ángeles in Malmö, Sweden.


- 15 hours private classes with Mariano Neris in Malmö.

- Two term of salsa courses with Luis Vasquez.
- Two days samba workshops with Orquidea Lima.

- Workshops with Adrian and Anita, Johnny Vazquez, Luis Vazquez and Franco Rocha  at Love Dance Festival in Malmö, Sweden.


- Workshops with Adrian and Anita, BNF, Ataca and Alemana, Johnny Vazquez, Luis Vazquez and Melisa Fernandez at Love Dance Festival in Malmö, Sweden.
- Workshops with Anita Santos Rubin, BNF, Jazzy and Gatica, Manuel Mascarell and Susana Montero at Scandinavian Salsa Congress.



- Classes with Fleur Murray, Melody Squire, Tjasa Zibert and Linda Dadd at Pineaple Studio in London, UK.

- 4 Workshops with Yanis Marshall in Malmö.



- Workshop with BNF at Scandinavian Salsa Congress.

- 20 private lessons with Juan Manuel Fernandez in the Tango Dancers, Teachers and Choreographers Association, in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

-Contemporary dance


-Workshop with Tommy Franzén.

Work experience

Current jobs since 2020 
- Classes for seniorsPildamsparken en Malmö.

- Bellydance and ballet courses at Gröna mötesplatsen, Swopshop.
- Classes for seniors and for parents with babiesStudiefrämjandet Malmö.


Current jobs since 2019
- Dance teacher at "Kulturgården", Höör Kommun.

Current jobs since 2016

- Dance teacher in several Dance Styles, Malmö Dans Akademi.

2013 - 2019
- Dance teacher for retired, Studieförbundet Vuxenskolan.

- Oriental Bellydance teacher, Sofielunds Folkets Hus in Malmö, Sweden.

Current jobs since 2012
- Latin Mix teacher for retired people, ABF in Malmö, Sweden. 
- Director, Project leader, choreographer, dancer and fire artist in different projects, Pangea Scenkonst.

- Belly dancer at Occo Restaurant in Malmö.

2014 - 2019
- Jury at Danskarusellen, Studiefrämjandet Malmö.

- Dance for children, ballet and Jazz teacher, Trelleborgs Kulturskolan.


- Belly dance, Latin Mix, Street Funk Jazz, Danceacrobatics teacher, ABF Lomma.

- European tour performing in Check Republic and Bosnia, Belly Dance Evolution.


- Oriental Belly Dance teacher, Tuppen mötesplatsen.
- Circus teacher at Slättängsskolan, Väskolan, Degebergaskolan, Kristianstads Arena and Spängerskolan for a Kulturhusets Barbackas project, Kristianstads Kommun, Sweden.

- Latin Mix teacher, Rsmh samt Synskadades Riksförbund i Malmö.

- Dancer at Circus Christmas buffet, Sofielunds Folkets Hus Malmö, Sweden.
- Oriental Bellydancer,  Viva Restaurang in Lund, Sweden.


- Bellydance teacher, Banco Falabella in Santiago, Chile.

- Bellydancer, Istanbul Resturant in Malmö, Sweden.

- Latin Mix, Flow and Crossfit express instructor, Gasworkstudio in Malmö.

- Belly dancer at Sultan Palace Restaurant in Malmö, Sweden.
- Choreographer and Contemporary dancer at Azul Violeta body painting project in Santiago, Chile.

- Belly dancer in Macarena Palermo’s performing group in Chile.
- Belly dance and African dance teacher at Creative Gathering in Xanthi, Greece with Pangea Scenkonst.
- Samba teacher in the samba group Kuru Mapu in Malmö, Sweden.

- Street dance teacher for primary school students at Sorgenfri School, Malmö Kommun, Sweden.

- Street dance choreographer for graduated students show at San Felix School in Santiago, Chile.
- Fire performer at Eldnatten at Urkult Festival in Sweden, Teater Slava.
- Fire performer and dance teacher at Mossagård Festival, Ängsbacka Festival and Vildros Festival in Sweden with Pangea Scenkonst.
- Belly dancer at Ankara Restaurant in Malmö, Sweden.
- Dancehall dancer at Ranking Fire's concert in Norway.

- Street dance and Belly dance teacher at Nydala and Lindängenfritidsgård Malmö Kommun, Sweden.

- Project leader, choreographer and dancer at “Alternative Lucia Show” in Malmö with Pangea Scenkonst and Möllevångsgruppen.
- Producer, choreographer and dancer at Möllevång Festival in Malmö with Möllevångsgruppen.

- Dance teacher at several primary schools in Lund, Sweden with Simone Hockner.
- Choreographer and dancer for “Stajl by Malmö”, Sweden.

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