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Welcome to my Bellydance and Dance and movement 55+ dance courses in Malmö, Sweden!


"If you have a body you can dance!"
A dancing body is a free body, for this reason I would like to invite you to e
mpower and energise yourself through dance!

Dance and movement 55+

Mondays 10.30-11.30 12 weeks course from September 5th till November 28th (No class on October 24th).
Open Level
Price                     800 kr
Drop in for class  100kr

To minimize the risk of infection, the Dance and movement course at 10.30 on Mondays will be at Galathea's pasture in Pildammsparken throughout the autumn term. (Baltiskavägen, by the Strykjärn sculpture)

This course is for all those who enjoy dancing and are 55 years old or older!
Dance is an amazing medicine for body, mind and soul. Studies show that dance is even the best way of slowing down and counteracting age-related problems such as dementia.

Maintain your body and soul young through dance!
During the semester we will practice our coordination, balance, flexibility and strength at the same time as we enjoy dancing to music from different parts of the world. Fill your body with nice energy, learn something new and exercise in group. The lessons will finish with some stretching in order to relax our muscles.


Dance courses at Swopshop, located in Stora Nygatan 27a:

Ballet Level 1

(Teenagers and adults)

Mondays 12 weeks course from September 5th till November 28th (No class on October 24th).

Price                                1500 kr
Drop in                            200 kr


The practice of ballet strengthens and gives your body a healthier posture from tip to toe. It also helps you develop your balance, coordination and flexibility.

The dance technique of ballet gives all kinds of dancers a better body control which, among other benefits, improves your movements and helps you get a better flow in your turns.


Oriental Bellydance with Isis wings

Mondays 12 weeks course from September 5th till November 28th (No class on Octuber 24th).

Price                                1000 kr
Drop in                            150 kr


The wings that are mostly used in Bellydance are a big and impressive prop inspired by the Goddess Isis from Egyptian mythology. 
When we dance with Isis Wings we do big arm movements and different kind of turns and this requieres body control and strenght. During this course we will work on dance technique that is useful to build this up and to learn to move the wings more fluently. We will also learn a beautiful choreography. There will be wings to borrow but please bring your own if you have.


Oriental Belly dance Show group – Jannah

Thursdays During 12 weeks, from September 8th till December 1st.

Price       1500 kr

This course focuses on the preparation for the competition at Danish Open Belly Dance in November and a performance in Malmö on December 3th. Each participant will get a specific spot in the choreography so it's presence and absence affects the whole group and for this reason it is not possible to drop in on this course.
Ask Paulina for more details about these performances and the choreography if interested.

Do you dream about performing onstage or are you already used to be under the spotlight?

Everyone who wants to perform with us is welcome!

When we perform on stage, plenty of practice, willingness to cooperate, discipline and joy of dancing are necessary.
Those who join the group will experience being a performer, learn stage makeup, and also about dance costumes and jewellery.

During the autumn of 2022, we will focus on a choreography which will be our entry in a contest in Denmark in November.
As a member of the group, you will have private conversations with Paulina to follow up on your development and what you will focus on to reach your goals as a dancer.


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